Freezer Paper Stencil T-Shirts

When I saw this great homemade t-shirt with Bert on it I knew I had to try to make an Elmo one for The Boy.  I followed this tutorial from Made and they actually turned out pretty good.  The biggest problem I had was trying to find a plain t-shirt in his size.

I was actually surprised at how fairly easy it was.  I found the freezer paper at Walmart near the aluminum foil and wax paper, although I almost missed it on the bottom shelf.

First I used my rotary cutter to cut my freezer paper into a couple of sheets that would fit through our printer and then I printed them out onto the non shiny side of the paper.

Then I took out my xacto knife and cut out the designs.  The Elmo one probably wasn’t a good one to start with – the cutting got a little complicated!  I had to make sure I was very careful with all of Elmo’s pieces since they had to be put back.

Then I ironed the pieces on to the t-shirts with a dry iron (shiny side down).  I used Tulip matte fabric paints and painted over all of the exposed areas.  I used two coats and then let it dry overnight.

I couldn’t wait to pull off the freezer paper.  My lines weren’t quite as crisp as if they had been screen printed, but you can’t tell unless you are looking pretty close.  Here are the final products!

And here is The Boy modelling his “I love Nonna” t-shirt.  We made this for his Nonna’s birthday.

Linked up to the Weekend Wrap-up Party at Tatertots and Jello.


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